Monday Muse: Why you are slowly losing your Patience

You’re at work and check your phone on one of those “short” breaks. You see that Johnny Joe has called just literally 2 minutes ago. This must be important based off the sound of his voice on the message. You slide your finger across your ever so shiny smart phone and open up the missed call. Touch the smooth screen containing all the information of Johnny Joe (now that you think of it, you really don’t even know his actual phone number) and wait while the phone is ringing. And ringing. And ringing….voicemail. Okay… maybe he doesn’t have good reception. You touch Johnny’s contact again and hope that he answers (your break is now 5 minutes in and you still need a quick snack and to pee). Ringing… voicemail.  Ok seriously, “I just missed your call by 2 minutes, why aren’t you answering?!?!?!?” And you think to yourself you hope everything is okay.  Your break is now over and all you can think about is the urgency in Johnny’s voice on the message. YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT’S WRONG!!!

Now imagine yourself receiving a letter from Johnny Joe, cell phone’s & social media do not exist, expressing urgency and to write back or come quick to his location. You would seriously have to wait literally days if not weeks to hear back about what is wrong with good ole’ John. Do you think you could manage such patience in today’s modernized world? What if you had to live without your iPhone 4, 5c, 6plus, 7comingsoon, 12evenbetter, 25smarterthanNASA?  GASP!

It did exist once, this time without immediate social satisfaction, and we survived. In fact, I kind of think we as a race happen to know more about life by NOT being in the “instant know.” We learned actual lessons in life. Messages about hard work, patience, saving and planning. There has always been a part of society that lacked intelligence, but education was harder to come by so many decades ago. These days, it doesn’t seem that having an education is quite as important just the same, but we have greater resources! Surrounded by information on the internet, free libraries, and generations of mistakes and success written for our benefit to learn from. Feels wasted.

By having the instant gratification of social responses, news updates, who just gossiped about  Peggy Sue in math class and who got drunk last night after their very public breakup with their significant other, we are losing our patience when it really counts. As it turns out, “patience is a virtue,” I am finding is being lost among the newest generations.

Writing, grammar, spelling, and knowledge in general are significantly misplaced when you have an operating system to correct your every mistake.

The English language is now subject to digital communications in the lamest forms. Dare I say LOL, HASHTAG, @WHOGIVESAFUCK, WCWSOW (<<<Why can't we spell our words??) are now an everyday means of communication. We now live in a society where having your own professional signature (legibly spelling your name…so basic, right?) is a lack luster need, let alone knowing how to spell correctly is overlooked by many. I feel like the only traditionalist left in the world. Yes progression needs to happen, but please, let's do it with the means to create, inspire, and better the world. Not deteriorate everything that was once "proper etiquette." Or perhaps, please have standards?


We are by no means perfect, however, let’s push ourselves and evolve… intelligently.





Monday Muse: Eyes; Lashes, Contact, and the Balls

Welcome to my first ever MONDAY MUSE! I fully intend to express my inspiration for the day, whether it be something beautiful, superficial, imaginative, or physical. Some days are better than others for fulfilling the need for a creative muse, but I choose Mondays to write about it. Come on now, I’m sick of seeing Mondays getting knocked around. You don’t have to agree with me, but Mondays are  an opportunity to find inspiration to kick off your week.

Beautiful Eyes and Butterfly Eyelashes

Be it superficial, I love eyeballs. I find there is so much beauty and power with making eye contact with someone. Today I am proudly sporting my new mascara from…/prod…/view/US-1017-00 . My eyelashes feel like butterflies and it makes me smile. Now…. no one else, except another eyelash-obsessed woman, would feel the same as I, so it’s not that I do it for anyone else BUT my own excitement. It’s important to remember that a muse is strictly for your own inspiration and NOT for the attention of another person. Having a little something that makes you feel good can inspire the rest of your day to it’s full potential (No couch potatoes here).


I feel that bright, fierce, assertive eye contact is key to building and carrying self confidence.

I work in customer service. Not the sexy phone voice type, but in your face, reading your body language, sending you away with a smile, and ensuring you had a good experience with our company (Ok, now get your mind out of the gutter…I sell video games). All too often, people are uncomfortable with making eye contact because there is so much power behind it, that if not use to the gaze, can cause you to feel very awkward. If mastered, however, eye contact is a wonderful tool; be it dating, work, leadership rolls, or emotions.

I found a short, but insightful article pop up on my Facebook yesterday (<<Here), and it made so much sense why I received some very unwanted, unintended, sexual attention from a co-worker at my new part time job. I tend to carry myself with a happy face and nonchalant disposition… where I truly DON’T CARE about what people think of me. I know I’m a good person, I know what my mistakes are, and I don’t need someone else’s opinion putting a ratchet in my gears.  I choose not to care.  My behavior in the work place entails a smile, eye contact, high fives, and creating a vibrant atmosphere.  I’ve said two shittin’ words to this guy, and all of a sudden he’s making inappropriate comments and telling people about his “opinion” of me (yes I mentioned it to my supervisor for safety precautions). I can no longer be my normal self, I advert my eyes, mumble hello, and scurry on my way; so not to give him the wrong idea, apparently.  Now writing this, I realize how stupid that sounds, to change my behavior. I do not need to “mouse-ify” (not a real word, but you get it) myself in order to gain respect or to lay boundaries. I am a leader and will continue to stand tall, fierce, and strong.

And so should you. Use the power of your beautiful eyes to gain respect and confidence. Play with it. Try not to look away so quickly when you meet someone’s gaze. Just beware…. there can be repercussions and unwanted attention. The repercussions may result in a new job, a lovely relationship, ending an abusive one, oh… and you may stand up straighter.