Have you ever?

indexI have been in love.

A couple times. Deeply, so much so, that it feels like I may implode on myself from the excruciating pleasure and emotion love brings. It’s electric.

I have been lucky enough to feel love in most aspects. Kinds of emotions that feel like truth in it’s absolute… like we are connected for a lifetime.. heartstrings being tugged periodically. Literally, like being cut from the same cloth, knowing each other inside out. Everlasting love, not to be confused with a passionate, fleeting momentary heart explosion, but something strong and occasionally unsteady. Something that is often trying, but plows through with victory.

All I have known is Love in it’s delicacy. Something to be locked away for remembering because at any moment it WILL BE GONE. Exactly like it’s parallel….a heartbeat. It is not a steady constant peak. It beats…. erratically. And with the snap of God’s fingers, it’s GONE.

Have you felt it?

With Valentine’s Day now behind us, the topic has been up for discussion in many conversations… this love thing. Some are longing to feel it’s breath again while others have no idea what they’re missing. Maybe not even “believing in love.” I can promise you it exists. You will experience it. Love will leave you stunted, confused, and aching like an addict for another fix. It will hurt you. And you will cave to it’s convincing call, yet again. ‘Tis the cycle.

Word to the wise. You can’t MAKE someone fall “in love” with you It either IS or it ISN’T. This is hard to accept when you want someone more than they want you.


Her hair blowing in the summer breeze, eyes bright, and a secret on her lips

Strings are tugged through time, space, and moments

He watches as she smiles and twirls and they are connected

Time has stopped, this moment fast and they are ill equipped. Their hearts are beating so wildly it’s as if they may catch on fire from the inside out. And with the snap of a coworker, the fleeting memory evaporates. And away she types to finish the job.

In every instance of love, it chars away at your heart. little etchings that will forever be tattooed.a