Whoa is me bullshit, lets count our blessings!

After reading through my previous posts I realized there’s a lot of complaining in there. Granted, I had to contemplate it all in order to sort the mess of who I am, I started to feel like I am coming across a very sad person. A friend told me last night that “I seem very unhappy and that’s not the person I used to be.” Well fuck it. Grown up problems bring everyone down and I am not any different. I always promised myself to stay strong and grounded. Look where I am now, complaining about how “I do not feel the same as I used to.” I want to be in love with myself because of my strength and awesomeness at inspiring others. Just because I’m not quite there yet, doesn’t mean I won’t be after I jump my hurdles. And take my vitamins regularly. I think most of us are low on vitamin D. Swallow that shit daily, and chase it with some Vitamin B.

We all need to remind ourselves that no matter how bad things are, it could be worse. I know there are tons of posts out there about this, but seriously… get your shit together and be happy with the blessings you have around you. I don’t care if you’re homeless, in an abusive situation, dead broke, super rich with a cheating spouse, sick, whatever it may be that whoa is you IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO GROW. You would not be going through these things if it wasn’t put in front of you as an obstacle to overcome. TO GROW. I forget that as well. My struggles are only struggles to me because it’s not what I asked for. My struggles might be a dream for others to deal with.

One of my favorite quotes I found on my most favorite time wasting websites (pintrest):


I mean, really, it says it all.

It may be so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is there. You just need to keep searching for a new path, a way to battle the whoas. I am very interested to hear if there’s anyone out there reading this, what are some struggles you are going through? Or what have you overcome? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you start to look at a problem from a different angle and changed it to better yourself?


Love you guys, keep the peace.



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