Found it! An inspirational space


In regards to my post A Partnership: A Writer’s Space , I wrote about how important it can be to have an inspirational and private space for a writer to express themselves.

I went antiquing the next day of my post and found this beauty at a little shop. It was under priced (to my joy!) at $155 and came with the antique roller chair. I found out the image of what I wanted my table to be  was called a “Mission desk” and I even found it in the walnut finish I was looking for.

I couldn’t be more excited!! I have used it already so much and It has become my space of refuge (all smiles!).

Not only did I enjoy finding this gem, I met a cluster of very neat people that owned the antique shops. So much fun exploring history, eating 4th generation candy maker’s caramels, and the adventure of the hunt.

Can’t wait to add a little bookshelf in my “nook/short wall” and a little roller rug.

Peace out all!



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