A Partnership: A Writer’s Space

Preparing to unleash my creative Beast.

Feeling insightful and quite inspired, I started to browse craigslist. In my mind I picture an ideal setting to put pen to paper. A little corner of my house, a nook if you will, is waiting for me to do something with it. A perfectly squared off corner of my house, not much bigger than an average bathroom, holds the possibility for my mind to wander and explore worlds I don’t even know exist yet.

Granted, if you love to write, theory is it should just pour out of you no matter where you’re at. However, writing is a delicate form of being for most that inspire to create. In fact, it can be a complete emotional and psychological roller coaster once you begin… pen to paper. At least that is how it is for me. It’s okay if you do not feel the same, although I’m sure there are some of you “nook and cranny writers” out there ;).

My space has a window, a very pretty window that faces my yard… all be, needs a  bit of clean up. Through my window I have the perfect view of my horses being their goofy selves. The rest of my square is made up of a gorgeous 6 foot long mirror, standing upright and reflecting the rest of my tiny home. It has a glossy black frame with beveled edges. The glass is wide and so clear it almost appears it could lead to a conjoining dimension. It is quite classy for a mirror.

When we were remodeling our house, my husband insisted on creating a short wall at the entry. I thought it was senseless and would only create further work for him. And of course, now it completes the third side of my square. On the inside of that short wall, I can place things that inspire me, even a small bookcase if I wished. It’s “L” cut end hugs my square.

To complete my square of a creative space, I wish to place a writing desk. It is old, very vintage, with a few scars of travel over its surface and legs. Not too large that it takes over the space, but just right… to fit my delicate inspirations and writing tools of course. There may or may not be small drawers to keep things of non importance. It is dark in color, walnut, cherry, mahogany, any will do. It will have a pull to it that can’t be explained, like someone who has seen the world and of great knowledge.

I was so excited to create this space that I went to one of the local stores to see the furniture they had and almost walked out with a plywood piece of expensive nails. The cashier shared with me that I would not be happy with this desk, especially if I was looking for something special to accompany me in my novel journey. I so very much appreciate that he stepped out of line and undersold that product. I am enjoying the hunt for my desk. It will mean so much more when I find it. I hope it will be a lasting relationship and partnership… this desk and I. I am inspired to create something great and worth reading.

My beast. It’s going to be an epic journey.



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